How is Tempdrop different from other basal thermometers?

First, your real basal temperature occurs about 2 hours before you wake up. This just can't be measured manually, no matter what kind of thermometer you use. Tempdrop addresses this challenge by offering continuous monitoring throughout the night, filtering out waking times, to give you an accurate nightly sleeping temperature result.

Second, Tempdrop measures more than your temperature. It also tracks your motion in order to assess your sleep quality. This gives us a better understanding of your natural cycle.

Third, we are different from other wearables in that Tempdrop data can be manually inputted into any smartphone  fertility charting app. We don't force you to use a proprietary app made by us. You can choose whichever app has the features you want. This allows us to focus on doing what we do best: the device itself. We work hard to constantly improve our product and we let app developers do the same for their apps. Another benefit of this approach is that you can change apps at any time according to your needs.

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