What is Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is a smart, wearable thermometer that accurately derives a core nightly sleeping body temperature for the purposes of charting your cycle to achieving pregnancy, contraception, or fertility health tracking. Tempdrop is uniquely able to arrive at an accurate body temperature thanks to a combination of advanced sensors and sophisticated algorithms. 

Tempdrop uses two temperature sensors and an acceleration sensor that measures three-axis acceleration (x, y, and z) to acquire information on ambient and body temperature.

Tempdrop combines two algorithms, a learning algorithm and our patent-pending Active Temperature-Noise Cancellation (ATNC™)  filtering algorithm to both learn personal sleeping temperature patterns and filter out disturbances to temperature readings like blankets or sleeping positions. 

Tempdrop will learn and precisely pinpoint your personal nightly and monthly temperature patterns. It doesn’t matter if you’re TTA or TTC, postpartum or PCOS, light or heavy sleeper, Tempdrop delivers accurate nightly sleeping temperature data that’s tailored to you.

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